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Practice Management

New Medical Web recommends the following tools for practice management.

Experior Healthcare Systems

Experior Healthcare Systems Whitepaper | Practice ManagementExperior Healthcare Systems is a dynamic medical software development company with a strong history in customer satisfaction. Founded in 1978 by J. Richard Presser, president & CEO, the company is privately held, with headquarters located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Experior is a financially sound company that has experienced a solid rate of annual sales growth year after year.

At the heart of Experior's success is practice management software, ExpertPM, which focuses on providing progressive billing and patient management solutions to service bureaus and multi-specialty group practices. With the addition of our surgery center software, SurgeOn, and electronic health record, WebChartEHR, Experior offers an integrated, comprehensive suite of healthcare information software.

Visit Experior Healthcare Systems for more information or view The Experior Advantage.

Experior Healthcare Systems | Practice Management Healthcare Systems
MIE Minimally Invasive EHR | Practice Management

MIE EHR Fact Sheet | Practice ManagementMinimally InvasiveTM EHR – the electronic health record portfolio from MIE

U.S. electronic health record adoption is anemic. Significant costs, inflexible systems and tales of practice upheaval have overshadowed hoped-for EHR benefits.

Our response to this challenge was the development of the Minimally Invasive EHR portfolio of WebChart EMR, RIS/PACS and Document Management products. This modular, flexible platform can be configured to fit practice workflows and individual physician preferences for a comfortable transition to electronic health records. Click on the Minimally Invasive button above to learn more about this very different approach.

Our approach, like our products, is not for everyone. Nor do we claim to have the perfect solution. However, we are proud to have been among the first group of EMR vendors to receive CCHIT Certification. We strive every day to provide practical solutions that are tailored to the way our clients practice medicine. Our solutions are employed by specialty and group practices, Fortune 500 enterprises operating employee health clinics, and safety net providers caring for the indigent and uninsured.

Our Website reflects our minimally invasive philosophy - delivering meaningful, to-the-point information. Like our company, our products and people – it’s not too flashy. Our focus is on developing innovative, functional, minimally invasive products that help our clients increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve clinical outcomes.

Experior Healthcare Systems | Practice Management Healthcare Systems


NoMoreClipboard Website | Practice Management

NoMoreClipboard website | Practice ManagementGetting accurate, legible, up-to-date medical information from patients used to be a hassle. That was before NoMoreClipboard.com.

Now you can:

  • Obtain more complete and accurate patient health information
  • Stop struggling to decipher patient handwriting
  • Receive information formatted for your practice needs
  • Base treatment decisions on better information.

Whether you are a physician office, clinic, hospital, lab or pharmacy, NoMoreClipboard.com solves these problems and more, by providing you with more comprehensive patient information.

NoMoreClipboard.com is a secure online service that allows your patients to consolidate their medical records and personal health information, and send it to your office prior to an appointment. Patients can use this HIPAA-compliant tool to send you just about any category of
pertinent health information, including:

  • Chronic conditions
  • Medications and allergies
  • Previous surgeries and procedures
  • Test results
  • Family medical history
  • Immunization records

NoMoreClipboard.com can even print patient information directly on the forms used by your practice, so records sent to you integrate right into your existing workflow.

Experior Healthcare Systems | Practice Management Healthcare Systems