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Starter Package $499 | Branded Portal NoMoreClipboard.com Website

The Starter Package is designed for healthcare companies adding NoMoreClipboard.com functionality to their existing website.

New Medical Web | Starter PackageProcess

  1. New Medical Web sends the client a NoMoreClipboard.com button to link to the portal (not necessary.)
  2. New Medical Web creates a web shell using the client's existing site and integrates the shell into NoMoreClipboard.com. In some cases, graphics or HTML files are requested from the client.
  3. NoMoreClipboard.com contacts the client to verify the process is complete.


NoMoreClipboard.com is an online, patient-controlled PHR that consolidates personal health data and family medical records at a single and secure location for easy data recovery and updates. Established in 2005, it allows users to move medical information onto the physician’s specific medical forms. The CAQH certified PHR can interoperate with physician practices to capture patient information, and with participating health plans. NoMoreClipboard.com, through an online health service that integrates with the new Google Health platform, enables Google Health users to deliver health information and medical records to treating physicians who may not have an electronic medical record system.

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