Gone are the days of packed waiting rooms with patients filling out lengthy paper forms. Our online forms are beautiful, simple, mobile-friendly, secure, and can even integrate with your EMR.

Save time and money.

Don't take our word for it, ask your schedulers how tedious it is to manually decipher and retype chicken scratch. With our digital forms, practices save money, and everyone saves time.

Cut out time spent in the waiting room AND improve accuracy.

Patients arrive at your office and are immediately frustrated when you hand them a stack of paper forms to complete. The patients then rush through the paperwork to get things done as quickly as possible.  The result is inaccurate paperwork and disgruntled patients.

Our solution allows you to start patient visits off on a good note.  Patients take the time to fill out the paperwork thoroughly in the comfort of their home, and submit the forms with a click of a button. Staff members can run through the paperwork before the appointment and contact patients if necessary. When patients arrive for their appointments, everything is ready.

Legible forms. Just imagine.

Countless errors are made deciphering patients' handwriting. Digitally typed forms leave the errors in the hands of the patients.

Validate Patient Insurance

Online forms allow patients to submit registrations well in advance appointments. Staff members can validate insurance before the patient arrives, and contact them if something needs to be addressed.